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Example of services

Guard Grabber offers others no less than 18 years of age the opportunity to provide or receive security services including personal escort and protection of auto, boat, and other personal property, small business, commercial real estate and construction site development, financial institutions, residential communities and events, healthcare facilities, universities, and other educational institutions including city state and government institutions.

Our Mission

Revolutionize the current delivery system of security professionals by eliminating the need for delayed bids and phone reservations and the uncertainty of who you hired before you booked. We are creating a safer more secure world by adding more security services to the ranks. Though exceptional solutions using the latest technologies to innovate the use of on-demand security personnel in real time. Whether in uniform or plain clothes these security professionals are ready to serve you at a moment's notice. Providing low-cost unlimited protection day or night at an hourly rate of your choice.

Who can use the Guard Grabber Platform?

The Guard Grabber platform may be used by persons not less than 18 years of age. By becoming a user of the platform, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old with authority and capacity to intern into and abide by the terms and conditions of all agreements within the Guard Grabber platform.

How to provide services

Log onto “Become a guard” and register as a pending freelance service provider for a temporary username and password. A non-refundable registration fee of half the requested hourly pay rate set by you including the twenty-five percent commissioned finder’s fee is required to test deposit recovery and verification screening of past or present employment. You will be prompted to furnish all requested documentation and subscribe to a possible interview with a private investigator within the area in which you reside to evaluate and validate all submitted documentation such as but not limited to current security work or prior work, your driver’s license, vehicle license plate, badge number, and other documents as requested. You will be notified of your appointment time and location and all required documents to bring with you in accordance with your application title and level of statures such as security or law enforcement. This may include fingerprint-based background checks and fingerprint scans through a live scan and or other third party screeners. After the initial validation period, a notification will be sent to you via email on your approval status. If approved, an account will be assigned to you for your sole use, not to be shared with any other persons.

How to receive services

Log onto “Get a guard” and sign up, creating a username and password. Once signed up, access to one tap protection becomes available. Choose your security needs and level of service. Select the amount of time proposed to be used in hourly increments on a pre-pay basis. All tips, if any, are voluntary and not required by the recipient of the service. You can track your service provider to your location as you view their photo and license plate number. The ability to rate your service provider anonymously helps to make Guard Grabber the five-star experience you expect.

What are the benefits as a customer?

We are here to help you save time and money when you need any security service in the future. We have created a solution for you with the Guard Grabber mobile app, giving you real-time access to view each security professional’s profile for free. You get their photo, height, weight, credentials, a five star rating system, and their distance from your location. You can watch their arrival to your door with GPS tracking and choose the price you want to pay, with access to all their hourly rates. The Guard Gabber app makes it easy for you to book any security service that best fits your budget. Download the Guard Grabber app today and take control of your own security needs.  Every one of our security providers are background checked, licensed, and ready to help you.

What is the difference between private security and off-duty law enforcement?

The job of private security and off-duty law enforcement in their normal course of duty is to protect the city, county, and state in which they work and live in. Private security personnel in their daily course of work protect persons, places, and things in the city, county, or state that they work and live in. Private security guards also have arrest powers for any criminal law violated similar to the powers of law enforcement when a crime is committed in their presence. Security guards may be a more affordable option for small businesses and individuals.

Law enforcement personnel are highly qualified to serve and protect the public domain and while off duty they provide this same high standard. When on the assignment as a service provider they are subject to the same standards of conduct and performance that they would be if they were in a regular on-duty assignment. Businesses that hire off-duty law enforcement are frequently those where patrons are known to get out of hands like bars and nightclubs. Law enforcement personnel also take on the task of personal security acting as personal bodyguards. Individual arrangements are set up between the officer providing the services and the person or business requesting them. The officer is essentially acting as a freelancer. The choice depends on the job you are in need of and the duties required.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, contact us at

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